Are you looking for a lawyer experienced in the areas of trust and estate planning for a will, trust, estate plan, power of attorney or other estate planning docuemnts such as GRATs, or Qualified Personal Residence Trusts?

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David Frees has an AVVO rating of 9.5 "SUPERB" and practices in the areas of trusts, estates, asset protection planning, and related areas.  His offices in Phoenixville, West Chester and Malvern are staffed with attornies experienced in preparing wills, living wills, powers of attorney and medial powers of attorney, trusts, and related documents.  David's firm Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees also has a partner who practices in the area of Elder Law.  Just call David for an introduction to just the right lawyer.  And, if he doesn't have the right lawyer for you within the firm, he will happily help you to select the right lawyer with the right qualifications for your matter, in another firm.  His policy is to find just the best lawyer for your particular needs.

Planning Your Estate - For Pennsylvania Residents

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