Pennsylvania estate planning laws and strategies change more often than you might think -- and it is extremely important that estate planning & trust attorneys in Pennsylvania stay informed and innovative. Below, we regularly add pertinent PA legal news that could affect how we approach your individual estate planning, inheritance dispute resolution, and asset protection needs. Keep up to date by reading about estate planning legal news and current events.
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  • A Family Limited Partnership Failure In the recent 2011 Pennsylvania case Estate of Jorgenson the IRS and Tax court assessed an estate tax deficiency.
  • Guardians In Action Is it really that important to select a Guardian for yourself and your minor children? A recent case shows us how relevant Guardians are today.
  • Should We Bury The Estate Tax? U.S. Representative Mike Ross is spear heading a campaign to repeal the 'death tax'. Read why he believes the tax must be eliminated and the likely consequences
  • How To Shelter Assets From The Estate Tax When It Returns How to avoid the estate tax in 2011 for PA and New Jersey Residents By: Estate and trust attorney David Frees with offices in Malvern, Phoenixville and West Chester PA
  • New IRS Ruling On Domestic Asset Protection Trusts Estate and trust attorney David Frees reports that under PLR 200944002 The Revenue Service ruled, that domestic asset protection trust (set up in Alaska) can be excluded from your estate under certain specific circumstances.
  • There is No Estate Tax. What Now? The Answers Will Surprise You. Pennsylvania Estate and Trust attorney David Frees supplies links to the best information on estate planning in 2010 and the hidden dangers now that the tax is temporarily gone.
  • Banks Still Not Out Of Danger Many of the largest US banks are still not out of the woods and federal "stress" testing exposes serious losses yet to occur. Caution still advised on a go forward basis.