Pennsylvania estate planning laws and strategies change more often than you might think -- and it is extremely important that estate planning & trust attorneys in Pennsylvania stay informed and innovative. Below, we regularly add pertinent PA legal news that could affect how we approach your individual estate planning, inheritance dispute resolution, and asset protection needs. Keep up to date by reading about estate planning legal news and current events.
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  • Recent Undue Influence Pennsylvania Case explanation of undue influence, followed by a recent Pennsylvania case involving undue influence between family members
  • Economic Impact of the Death Tax This is a partisan analysis of the federal estate tax. If you're against the estate tax you'll love it. If you are pro estate tax it will probably not meet with your approval. I'm sure that Warren Buffet doesn't like it do you?
  • Marcellus Shale Program At Albright College If you or your family hold land that might be affected by the development of Marcellus shall drilling, there will be an educational program this Wed night....
  • News on The Economy and Commercial Real Estate If your estate is made up in part with the ownership of commercial real estate then you should read this news release on liquidity needed in the commercial markets