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We are proud to share past testimonials and reviews of our law firm with current and future clients. These Pennsylvania estate attorney testimonials, written by peers, colleagues, and former clients, can tell you more about our professionalism, experience, expertise, and dedication more than any other source.  Most are great but what you need to know is that we are a client focused practice and if we get feedback that we need to improve, then we make it right and we focus on improving all of our clients' experiences.

David M. Frees is Chairman of the Trust, Estates, and Wealth Preservation section of Unruh, Turner Burke and Frees with offices serving all of Southeastern Pennsylvania including Chester County, Montgomery County, Berks and Bucks counties, Philadelphia and Lancaster counties.

David FreesDavid M. Frees III is rated highly by and has attained the highest rating by AVVO of 10 (Superb) on a scale of 1-10.

David meets with many clients each week and in order to give them his full attention, he is not always available to reply immediately to cell phone or email requests.  Immediate assistance can always be reached at 610-933-8069.

David M. Frees III
[email protected]

David Frees is a prolific author on legal topics and in addition to the articles and blogs featured on this site, please feel free to view his postings at

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  • Dave Frees provides actionable tips and steps for transforming your professional practice and your personal life.

    I have been lucky enough to see Dave Frees speak several times on the topic of persuasive communication. Each time he has been very funny and educational. Where I have seen him speak, his presentation has always been the highlight of the conference. He engages his audience (yes, I just gave that stranger a massage) and leaves them with tangible tips they can implement in both business and personal communication. I highly recommend Dave Frees as a speaker.    Dave Frees, JD

    Brenda Hollingsworth - Attorney
  • Attorney and Author David Frees is a grand master of communications skills

    "Communicating effectively and empathetically is an art - with parents and children especially.  Here, David Frees is a grand master." Steve Forbes Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Magazine on David's Book The Language of Parenting:  Building Great Family Relationships at All Ages.

    Steve Forbes Editor-In-Chief Forbes Magazine
  • Ben Glass, Esquire:  "I refer my wealthy clients to David Frees for estate planning."

    Peer Endorsements Endorsement from lawyer:Benjamin Glass , Fairfax (VA), TodayRelationship: Worked together on matter Endorsement: I have known David for just over two years. We have worked on matters together. I my opinion David Frees is one of the premier estate planning attorneys around. David is the guy I refer my wealthy clients to if they have a question or need concerning their estate planning.  

  • "Your presentation was fantastic.  It was one of the best things that we have ever done at a staff retreat."Jim Agnew Freedom Valley YMCA

    "Your presentation was fantastic.  It was one of the best things that we have ever done at a staff retreat." Jim Agnew Freedom Valley YMCA.

  • David as counsel for executives of large companies doing sophisticated estate planning....

    “I am a financial and investment planner, working primarily with executives at large corporations. In this work, I have had occasion to need an estate planning attorney in his area on several occasions. I have recommended David to several clients, and I, and my clients, have been very impressed with his services. As a starting point, he knows his stuff as well as anyone, and proactively inserts recommendations that neither I nor the client may have considered. More importantly, he is a real person who connects with clients in a personal way. He cares about them, and it shows. I have never received a complaint from a client about the service, his fees, his demeanor, or his timeliness. On the contrary, all comments have been positive in all regards.” April 28, 2008 Douglas MacGray, J.D., C.F.P., Senior Vice President, Financial Planning, EGE Advisors, Ltd.

  • Dave is a masterful consultant...

    “David Frees is peerless as a consultant to top executives on success strategies and techniques. His advice produces quick, high-leverage results. He knows how to identify what is needed to help an executive reach the next level, and he accomplishes his results with intelligence, humor and great skill.” April 28, 2008 David Weiman, Owner, Weiman Consulting

  • Dave Frees listens and you get the plan that is right for you.

    Endorsement from lawyer: John Bisnar , Newport Beach (CA), March 2, 2009 Relationship: Worked together on matter David Frees is one of the most experienced will and trust attorneys in Pennsylvania. What I really admire about David is that he is a very intense listener. He not only listens to what people have to say, but has tremendous skills in comprehending their needs. I cannot stress enough how important and valuable this skill is in the estate planning business. David has authored numerous publications on the subject of estate planning. But what I believe is special about David Frees is he takes all that knowledge, listens to what his clients want and combines them effectively to produce expertly crafted estate plans that are customized to match his clients’ needs. If you need an experienced Pennsylvania will and trust attorney who focuses on estate planning, trusts and estate administration with a thorough knowledge of finances and investments, David Frees is your man. He will guide you efficiently and successfully through what can be a complex legal process.

  • David's AVVO rating is Superb!

    9.2 Superb Experience Industry Recognition Professional Conduct Average Client Rating 2 reviews Former client? Write a review Endorsements 3 endorsements Lawyers: Endorse this lawyer Find out more about the Avvo Rating

  • An attorney says...David is also a great speaker....

    "I have had the pleasure of seeing Dave Frees speak at three different conferences. Each time, he was the best speaker on a full and impressive roster. Not only is he extremely amusing, but he is also thought-provoking. Days, weeks and even months after hearing him, the ideas he imparts during his talks remain top of mind. Anyone looking to engage a top knotch speaker for an audience with high expectations could do no better than Dave Frees." - Branda Hollingsworth Esquire

  • When we had our first child we needed legal advice on our estate planning we turned to David Frees...

    Kelly Kunsch after the birth of Addison  "As new parents, there are many concerns when thinking about your child's future. When it came time to focus on our estate plans, we turned to David Frees based on his excellent reputation and expertise. He was very detailed and precise when explaining what steps we needed to take to ensure our daughter would be protected in the case of an unfortunate event. We are confident knowing that we have a reputable attorney working to help our family."

  • I am fortunate¬† enough to know Dave Frees...

    One of the things I find myself worrying about is what will happen to my loved ones if something happens to me. I am fortunate enough to know Dave Frees. Dave is an attorney in Pennsylvania who practices in the area of estate, trust and asset protection. He has published a number of books but the two that stand out in estate planning are "The Ten Top Mistakes Executors Make and How to Avoid Them" and "Enhanced Estate Planning, Passing on Both your Financial Wealth and Wisdom". Dave offers his information in a kind and reassuring manner. Yulee Triplett-Schafer Director of Client and Media Relations The Schafer Law Office

  • " I have relied on David M Frees III's advice to make critical decisions regarding my family's wealth and..."

    I have relied on David's legal advice to make critical decisions on handling family wealth and making appropriate decisions for my family's future. David practices in the areas of wills, trusts and estates. But beyond his specific knowledge, he's an outstanding problem-solver, who helped me sort through some complex planning issues. Additionally, he is superior to every other attorney -- in fact, every other professional -- I've ever used. He inspires trust, and works effectively to form the kind of rapport needed to get the kind of information you're typically providing to someone dealing with your will, trusts and estate planning issues. He is thorough, and he guided me through some challenging decisions. He is so effective at discussion available solutions and weighing the pros and cons, that when I finally made decisions, I was able to put those issues to rest without the kind of second-guessing or reconsideration that can occur if you don't have expert help. David is not just an outstanding attorney (recognized in the "Best of" issue of our regional magazine), he's an amazing human being as well. Those are difficult to find in any field. - Dr. David Weiman, Wynnewood, PA.

  • Dave Frees knows how to communicate with individual clients and an audience

    george_murphy How to make you and your clients think positively. Dave is a great speaker who the crowd loves 

  • According to AVVO client and attorney ratings and endorsements David M. Frees III is "Excellent!"

    8.6 Excellent - click the word excellent for more information about AVVO or to rate Dave Frees Average Client Rating 2 reviews Endorsements Lawyers: Endorse this lawyer If you're an attorney click here to endorse Dave Frees

  • Other Lawyers comment on Dave Frees "If you are in need of estate planning...then Dave Frees is your guy.

    Endorsement from lawyer: Christopher Davis , Seattle WA I am a lawyer practicing in Washington state. Although I have not worked on a legal matter with Dave Frees, I have heard him speak to hundreds of attorneys and other professionals in the areas of estate planning and effective communication. Dave is incredibly knowledgeable in the area of estate planning and tax liability, so much so that my wife and I have sought out his counsel in these areas. Dave is very much devoted to serving his clients and making sure their assets are protected. If you are in need of estate planning assistance or tax liability issues, then Dave Frees is your guy. Published courtesy of AVVO

  • Dave Frees is a great attorney and a great teacher. Clients get what they want, and understand what they get.¬† It can also be enjoyable.

    When I needed an attorney to help me to protect my assets and my business I turned to Dave Frees. PerryMarshall PerryMarshall Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. You crack me up and teach me stuff every time. You're the man!     

  • Thanks for the help

    Sandra Rohrstaff wrote at 12:58pm Thanks, Dave. I appreciate your help, as always!Another Lawyer Testimonial for Dave Frees

  • Great presentation....

    Great presentation David - laughed a lot and learned even more.... wonderful job....John Watts Esquire