In this video, Pennsylvania estate mediator and lawyer David M. Frees, III introduces the new video reports on mediation offered by Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees Attorneys at Law.

His firm has prepared videos to answer your questions and to help you with trust, estate, and probate claim mediation questions. Also, the video reports cover serious claims related to family businesses.

Mediation often is a great approach to solving disputes and can save time, money, energy, effort, attorney fees, and can keep family relationships intact. Many find mediation worthwhile because it allows them to avoid the difficult, time-consuming, and expensive litigation process.

The video series focuses on mediation and the most common questions that clients have. In addition to this, the videos also cover questions that clients should be asking, but often don’t.

Watch this video series to learn more about mediation. The series can be viewed for free by visiting or by searching mediation at

If you have any questions you would like to ask Mr. Frees directly, call him today at 610.933.8069. Mr. Frees is an experienced and renowned mediator. He has written many articles on the topic and has even recently written a book to also help answer your questions, called The Ten Most Common Mistakes Executors Make...and How to Avoid Them.

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