In this informative video, Pennsylvania family trust lawyer David M. Frees, III discusses the costs and time required to mediate serious probate, estate and trust claims, as well as family business disputes.

How much should mediation cost and how long should it take? As Mr. Frees explains, the answer is not completely clear. The reason is that costs and time can vary greatly from case to case. However, having a skilled mediator that has experience in resolving these family disputes, can introduce more certainty as to the cost and time needed.

Mediators are typically a local psychologist or lawyer that has experience and knows the law. This allows them to quickly bring family members together and to agreement and allows the family to avoid costly litigation. This type of mediation can cost $1500-$5000 per day.

While resolution can sometimes be achieved in just one morning, it can also require more than a day. How long mediation takes depends on the views of the parties involved and the claims being made.

Mediation can be done for a low cost. There are also mediators available through local community service groups or from mediation organizations.

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