In this video, Pennsylvania estate planning attorney David Frees addresses whether you are responsible for your parents’ nursing home care, if they or you are Pennsylvania residents. The answer may surprise you, and it’s different than it used to be due to some important cases which have occurred in Pennsylvania.

A number of states (currently about 23) have laws which permit the state to make a child or other person closely related responsible for a parent’s or grandparent’s nursing home cost. This situation has rarely ever been a concern for people. What would normally happen is that the parents or grandparents would be required to spend their personal assets, and then would qualify for Medicaid, which is a government-sponsored long-term care program.

Usually, the children were not held personally responsible, but were only sometimes contacted in order to assist in securing the parents’ or grandparents’ assets. However, we’ve had some new cases in Pennsylvania, changes in laws, and economic pressures on the system which have made it so that children can now be held responsible for their parents’ nursing home care.

If you’re facing uncertainties as to who will be paying for your parents’ nursing home care, contact our Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys at Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees. Also be sure to watch our next video, in which Dave Frees explains what you should be doing to protect your parents, and to protect your own assets from this risk.

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