In this video, which is part of a video series on mediation, Pennsylvania family business lawyer David M. Frees, III goes over family business disputes.

Mr. Frees goes on to explain why people choose to use mediation in a family business claim instead of litigation. There are several important reasons why people do so which include cost, time involved, and to maintain family relationships.

If a case goes to court, it can be extremely costly and the litigation process may cause the family business to suffer. On the other hand, mediation can be fast and it can be quickly determined if a resolution can be reached.

One of the most important parts of the process is to select the right mediator. Choosing the right mediator can make a huge impact on the likelihood of the mediation being resolved. Make sure to choose someone that has expertise beyond just family disputes—choose a mediator that has experience with family businesses.

Also, remember to keep these questions in mind when talking to potential mediators:

  1. How many cases of your type do you have experience with?
  2. What are the typical lengths of such cases?
  3. How many of your cases have lead to a successful outcome?

If you would like to learn more about mediation, make sure to watch the video series or call Mr. Frees with additional questions at 610.933.8069.

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