Explore Some of Our Favorite Summer Recipes

It's Memorial Day weekend, and if you are looking for a few ideas for food that goes well with summertime and grilling, check out some of our favorites below which link to recipes!  Click on the picture if you would like to access the recipe.  Enjoy!  We will feature some additional summer recipes in the newsletter coming out in June.

Who is sick of plain boiled corn on the cob?  Try this delicious grilled version - cilantro, lime and paprika combined for a great new spin on regular corn on the cob.  If you hate cilantro, skip it and substitute another herb of your choice!  


Have you ever tried a clambake?  This recipe is full of seafood and will have you wondering why it took you so long to try something like this!


Are you interested in trying a new way to spice up your steak? This coffee spice rub is unique and worth a try.


Adding mozzarella to your grilled chicken makes it even more tasty! Try this grilled chicken caprese recipe, you will not be disappointed!


For the vegetarians who love grilled veggies of all kinds, try this: 

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