Perhaps the best way to take control over your financial life is to know as much about your situation and Pennsylvania estate laws as possible. To help inform our clients about some of the basics of estate planning, elder law, will & trust legal information, executor and trustee responsibilities, asset protection, and probate law, we have assembled a number of short, straightforward, and informational articles that explain some of the basic concepts and answer some common questions.
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  • Six Important Things To Review In Your Estate Plan The economic climate today is uncertain and the Obama administration's changes to the estate tax make it a good time to review your estate plan. This article explains in depth six things to consider while reviewing your estate plan such as Formula Clauses/ In Your Will Or Trust, A GRAT, and Family Limited Partnerships.
  • Pennsylvania Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorney Interviewed Interview of will, estate, and asset protection lawyer David M. Frees III on Enhanced Estate Planning. David tells you how to protect your assets, your wealth and your heirs and family from lawsuits, taxation, and family disputes. David Frees represents clients throughout Pennsylvania, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, Phoenixville, Paoli, Ardmore, West Chester and other communities.
  • Bi partisan Tax Policy - Thoughts and Direction Estate taxes and income tax policy can have a dramatic effect on your ability to build and to preserve assets. Currently, federal tax policy is haphazard and reactive. This article examines new appraoches and advocates a simpler tax code.
  • The essential tax laws for this year The best will lawyers, and trust, probate and estate lawyers are telling their clients not to wait for the new law. You need your estate plan to work now. This brief article reviews what David M. Frees III is telling clients in Pennsylvania and in Chester County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County to do in 2009 pending the passage of a new law. What to make gifts to children and grandchildren? What are the new shelter amounts for federal estate taxes?
  • What Is The Government Forgetting and How The Estate Tax Factors into Stimulous This New York Times piece is an interesting overview of what a number of experts think is missing from the government's latest economic package - and why the federal estate tax should be eliminated - but won't be.
  • Future of The Federal Estate Tax - Two Views Two possible views of what will happen under Obama and a democratic congress.
  • David M Frees Featured In Magazine Article on estate and Wealth Planning David M. Frees' Enhanced Estate Planning Process helps clients to get what they really want from their estate planning documents. Many clients fail to pass on their families wealth and wisdom. Now it is possible to do both.