David M Frees Brings You Ideas and Information That Make Life Better

Welcome to a great new resource.  This practice section is not focused on your legal needs but rather is focused completely on you.  Each month, David M Frees, II will be bringing you a host of Ideas and Information to Improve Your Business and Your Life (TM).

This section will be your resource for hot and timely information on business and personal travel, finance, health, technology, reading, and all of the areas that help to make your life fuller and richer.

When Dave finds a new website he's going to pass it on.  New magazine, new software, new information on health...he will bring it to you.

David believes that his clients want to create the best estate plan that they can for themselves and their families.  And, ultimately that means creating the best life for themselves and those that they love.  For many of our clients that own and have built businesses, that desire extends to their extended family of employees. 

So, whenever we find a new piece of technology, financial, health or fitness resources, we will bring them to you here.  We will also be interviewing hot newcomers and experienced superstars in these areas and will bring you the interviews and their best health, fitness, business, and travel secrets right here. 

Please remember to join us regularly, and if there is a topic or question that you would like covered, please email Dave at [email protected]


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